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3d dangle and drop; maroon

400.00 325.00
Save Rs.125.00
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Save Rs.160.00

beautiful necklace set with red beads

1,600.00 1,440.00
Save Rs.115.00
Save Rs.60.00
Save Rs.500.00
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Save Rs.205.00

bird hanging small earrings

600.00 395.00
Save Rs.215.00

black and gold

600.00 385.00
Save Rs.200.00
Save Rs.200.00

black-broze jhumki earrings

550.00 350.00
Save Rs.135.00
Save Rs.105.00
Save Rs.110.00
Save Rs.55.00
Save Rs.100.00

blue and pink leaf stud

250.00 150.00
Save Rs.81.00

blue green terracotta jhumka

480.00 399.00
Save Rs.200.00

blue hoop jhumki

585.00 385.00
Save Rs.200.00

bouble beads jhumki earrings

549.00 349.00
Save Rs.120.00

bronze gold hoop earrings

550.00 430.00
Save Rs.270.00
Save Rs.140.00
Save Rs.105.00

chand earrings; green and black

500.00 395.00
Save Rs.49.00